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Organic Results

Search engines like Google™ only need a few things to make them spider and list your site. Most people make mistakes that make their site either inaccessible, or get it de-listed.

Many people are surprised when friends, colleagues, or worse, customers, say that they can't access their site, or don't understand it, or it just doesn't work correctly.

Your site should be friendly to search engines and people, including people who are using different types of browsers, text-only, speech enabled, etc.

Understandably, many people do not have the time, or expertise to make their site friendly to search engines, and people.

As a consultant, I will look at your site and make recommendations of what to do to make it compatible for search engines and people.


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If you need a web site that works. use Adrienne, she really knows what she is doing. and does it really well. My site was doing OK today it is doing great and generation a lot attention. She is really easy to work with, and the results are incredible. You will not be sorry. She is a Pro. Yelp
I looked at Adrienne B.'s latest page (...problems with Flash rendering) and must say I was impressed. Simple - functional - attractive. Good commercial effort. alt.html
I'll leave that to Adrienne since she seems to be running the show now. And perfectly capable she is too.
I always enjoy looking at Adriennes pages. They give me inspiration. alt.html