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Edit Colorizer Styles

Do you have HTML-Kit Tools and want to change the colorizer for the way you want to work? Personally, I like my comments to be red on yellow. That way I can see clearly that it is a comment and not some bit of code.

<!-- this is a comment --> is easier for me to read than <!-- this is a comment I cannot see -->

Good news! It's easy to do. There is also a translation of Edit Colorizer Styles in Dutch by Gerard Schaefers available.

Get Read to Make Changes!

  1. colorizer1_tClick on View
  2. Choose on Colorizer
  3. Choose Colorizer -> Styles -> Edit and Manage Colorizer Styles

Always Make a Back Up

colorizer2_tBefore you start coding, it's a good idea to make a copy of MyStyle. That way, if you make a mistake you can always switch it back. When I made mine, I called it Arbpen.

  1. Put in the name you want to call your style, or choose the default with is MyStyle2
  2. Keep the default options checked

There are different styles you can change, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and ASP. Think about if you want to change the color/background color for each, or you want them all to be the same. I chose to have all the types of comments the same.

Don't be confused when you see the XML coding. This is XML that you are editing, so it has to be well formed. The means that all the attributes are in lower case, and the tag has to end with /> a forward slash and an ending greater than sign.

colorizer3_tThe Editor Revealed

Now to the good stuff!

Scroll down to the type of colorizer you want to change. The first is HTML.

The XML elements are COLORIZER, TYPE, GROUP and ITEM. Notice that the item element has a few attributes, n, f, b, and fontstyle.

The n is for the type of thing you want to change.
The f is for foreground. You can use the Color Picker to view a colors, and make a note of it. You cannot use the Color Picker while using the editor.
The b is for background. Make sure there is enough contrast so you can see it.
fontstyle can be:
  • b (bold)
  • i (italic)

You want to look for the item element with the attribute n="comment". Change the colors to suit. I chose red #ff0000 on yellow #ffff00 with font style of italic.

The End

To save your colorizer style, click on Apply and OK to close the editor.

Well, there you are. Happy coding!